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Who is Designmodo?

Designmodo was founded in August 2010. It is a provider for website creation, email builders and designed for developers and non-tech users.

Designmodo provides articles, tutorials and industry news about trends and techniques. Designmodo has received acclaim for its StartUp Framework, paving the way for ease in website creation.

Who is InboundLabs?

Who we are:

We are a strong core team that began as a small design and HubSpot development agency. We grew organically from the needs of our clients by hiring seasoned professionals from all over the world and offering exciting new services. We are a HubSpot Diamond Partner.

We are a collective of over 50 agents who love what we do. We are led by a handful of serial entrepreneurs and funded by a dozen Silicon Valley investors. With team members located in 10 different countries, we speak 12 languages. We believe in efficiency, transparency and a good sense of humor.

Our Reasoning:

Because we believe that old-school design and marketing just don’t work, but being agile and creative does. We constantly hear from companies who are tired of being stuck with the same site for 8 years. Or they’ve been working with an agency that charges them a fixed price without any transparency or agility, leaving them stagnant on the same path.

We love the freedom of this exciting new freelancer world, but we know what a headache it can be rounding up free agents. So we decided to pair the best of both worlds, the agility of freelancers with the stability, backing and experience of an agency.

What services does InboundLabs offer?

At InboundLabs we believe that old-school design and marketing just doesn’t work, but being agile and creative does. We are a strong core team that began as a small design and HubSpot development agency but quickly developed to become a full service agency that grew organically from the needs of our clients.

Today we find ourselves as a HubSpot Diamond Partner servicing businesses around the world on everything from simple development projects to full website designs, SEO to PPC, Integrations to custom programming and everything in between.  For a full overview of our services please visit https://w.inboundlabs.co/services?section=all-services

What is The Startup Framework for HubSpot?

The Startup Framework is a set of templates and modules for HubSpot to rapidly build pages and websites without code.

Together with Designmodo we adopted the acclaimed Startup Framework to work natively on HubSpot. The framework allows marketers, designers and developers to create HubSpot pages and websites quickly and easily.

Get the new framework for free and create individual pages in just minutes. The framework is available as a full HubSpot theme on the HubSpot marketplace and includes 100+ components, blog and system layouts and most importantly, the PSD's sources.

How much does it cost?

The StartUp Framework comes in 3 different versions or levels.

You can test the free version, which contains the main template with a few modules and our award-winning briX page building system.

The second package contains only the templates and the briX page building system for $199 USD* to get you started into more advanced site making.

The third and our most popular is the full package that contains all our modules, all our templates and our briX page building system. Supercharge your website creation process for $299 USD*.


* Prices are subjected to change without prior notice.

Where can I try and/or purchase the StartUp Framework?

You can purchase our modules and templates in the HubSpot's Marketplace.

For our  Free StartUp Framework CLICK HERE.

For our Premium StartUp Framework CLICK HERE.

For other products CLICK HERE.

What are the common issues when installing and using the StartUp Framework?

The most usual issues when installing or using the StartUp Framework are:

1) Installation issues:  This could be from conflicts after installing 2 different version of the framework, to permission issues. Please verify you have installed only one version of the StartUp Framework then visit our briX site to activate it.

2) Conflicts: Sometimes certain third-party scripts and modules can affect the StartUp Framework and its components. Some templates might also affect the functionality.  If you're unsure which code is conflicting. Contact support.

3) Hubspot or internet browser issues: In rare circumstances, some conflicts or issues with browser cache and/or incompatibilities prevent the correct installation, activation or usage of the StartUp Framework. We recommend clearing up your browser cache, disable your adblockers, try a recognized standard browser (like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) and try again.

Please use the contact form (in this page at the bottom) or our live chat to report any issues. We are happy to assist you in resolving any issues you might encounter when using our products and services.

I'm having problems installing the full version of StartUp Framework

This could be caused by having two versions of the Framework installed at the same time.

The recommended process of installation is:

1) Remove the Basic/Free version of the StartUp Framework if installed.

2) Purchase and Install the full version of the StarUp Framework.

3) When the installation is completed. Head to our briX platform on https://w.inboundlabs.co/startup-framework/brix# .

4) Click on SIGN IN, select your portal from the list.  The website will ask if you'd like to authorize the integration with a "Request for Integration Permissions". click on GRANT ACCESS.

5) Start using the StartUp Framework


If you're still experiencing issues. Please use the contact form (in this page at the bottom) or our live chat to get help.

Can I customize the look or style of the StartUp Framework Modules?

Yes you can!

But you need to follow our recommendations to avoid problems.

Since the InboundLabs's StartUp Framework updates regularly, your changes can be overwritten and your modifications lost.

To prevent this issue from happening to you, we offer 4 methods to modify the content safely.

1) Use a custom style-sheet with your overrides and style changes. Then assign this style-sheet to the module files.

2) Add custom overrides in the specific Website page or landing page where the module is by using the Advanced Options (inside the HubSpot editor) and add your changes inside the "additional code snippets" in either the HEAD HTML or FOOTER HTML.

3) Similar to option 2, But instead of adding the code directly, you attach your custom CSS/style sheet to the page in question.

4) Clone the module and modify the source files directly. ( Not recommended).

What is the future of StartUp Framework?

We are proud to announce StartUp Framework 2.0 !

The Startup Framework for HubSpot has become one of the most installed HubSpot templates of all time. But since its release, technologies and standards have advanced significantly.

We have now embarked on not only building a new version of the Framework, but also leveraging the new technologies and the combined experience of our team and hundreds of customers -- to build the best HubSpot template ever.

Are you interested in the development?

If you are passionate (positively or negatively) about templates or just want to stay ahead of the curve, then please let us know! https://w.inboundlabs.co/suf2

To show our appreciation for your time you will receive lifetime free access to all templates and modules that form part of the new release.

Why is the Framework offered as a course?

Building websites is always a challenge of design and set up. You can learn to do better and easier. We offer this course to help you in surpassing these challenges and help you in mastering the StartUp Framework.

Those seeking to become experts with our StartUp Framework system can access our expanded and guided courses to familiarize with every part of our products.

How long do I have access to the framework and/or the courses?

The StartUp Framework is a one-time payment license. You have unlimited usage on the account you purchased it from.

For the online courses, you can access the courses anytime as long you have an active account in our Teachable platform.

What if I am unhappy with the product or course, What can I do?

InboundLabs offers a satisfaction guarantee on our products. 

Contact us, let us help in resolving any issue you have with our products or if you desire, we can offer a full refund.

How can I join and subscribe the course?



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